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All-State Games

Nomination Process

Each coach will have the opportunity to nominate players based on teams order of finish in all Michigan USSSA fastpitch tournament qualifiers during the 2022 season. Player guardian will receive an All-State Games invitation email after being nominated from Michigan USSSA Fastpitch.

You may nominate players from other teams but MUST have and include their parent/guardian email.

These nominated players will be the event's All-Tournament Team.

  • The first place team will nominate 6 players
  • The second place team will nominate 5 players
  • The third place team will nominate 4 players
  • The fourth place team will nominate 3 players
  • All other teams will nominate 1 player

Questions regarding nomination process email

Nominations Closed 7/25/2022 @ midnight - Registration closes 7/29/2022 @ 8:00 pm

The Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All State Games will be held August 6, 2022 at Bailey Park, Battle Creek, MI.

The All-State Games will showcase players who have been nominated throughout the season at participating All-State Games qualifiers. Players will be nominated for displaying great overall effort and tournament performance throughout the season as well as displaying great sportsmanship. Nominated players must be on a current registered Michigan USSSA roster or live in Michigan.

All-State Games Coaching Staff Nominations

Coaching staff selections will be announced after the State Tournament. If you have someone who you think is worthy of being nominated for the All State Coaching Staff, please send recommendations to Please include the nominated coaches email address, cell phone number and current season team they coach.

All-State Games Coaches Gear!

All-State Coaches will receive a ball cap or other gift compliments of Michigan USSSA Fastpitch for being nominated, selected and coaching in this event.

Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All-State Games Event Information:

August 6th, 2022 – Bailey Park

  • ROSTER Batting is Mandatory.
  • No player will miss consecutive innings defensively.
  • In the event we have rain, the event will be moved to August 7th, 2022.
  • Catchers bring your own catching gear.
  • All game balls will be provided.
  • All athletes will receive the official 2022 All State t-shirt.
  • Each team will play 2 games.
  • Games will be regulation 75 minutes in length. Once time has expired, we will finish the batter. No score will be kept.
  • This event was created to be a fun, non-competitive showcase of players participating with other players from other teams. Poor sportsmanship of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  • All State Coaches will contact each of their players prior to the event on August 6th regarding any potential practices, meeting times, etc.
  • Each player will wear their current team uniform for the All-State Games.

Player's participating in the All-State Games will receive:

  • 2018 Michigan All-State Games ring - 2022 ring similar to the example above.
  • Listed as Michigan All-State player on
  • All-State Games official t-shirt, logo at the top of this page.

            2019 All-State Teams & Athletes 

9U/10U Division Teams

Team A1 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Joe Sarnicole GR Diamonds
Coach Jonathan McWilliams GR Diamonds
1 Maddie Bancroft OF, 1B Finesse Davis
2 Olivia Ferrari C, 3B Michigan Outlaws
3 Jaicey Harty P, SS Battle Creek Elite
4 Karis Glaus C, LF Midland Lady Explorers
5 Emmilynne Laporte P, 2B Michigan Momentum
6 Olivia Soens 1B, 3B Trenton Blast
7 Gabby Lewis OF, INF Stealers 08's
8 Tessa Heffelbower P, SS Battle Creek Elite
9 Marlee Topij OF, 1B Michigan Outlaws
10 Samantha Gillick OF, 3B Interlakes Pride
11 Jaslene McWilliams 3B, SS GR Diamonds


Team A2 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Chris Ross MI Sabercats
Coach Kory Borgman MI Sabercats
1 Aleasia Alvarez P, 3B Midland Lady Explorers
2 Sophia Steffes SS, OF Inter-Lakes Pride
3 Taegen Anderson 1B, 3B Battle Creek Elite
4 Tessa Ross C, 2B MI Sabercats
5 Atiana Guzman SS, P Stealers 08's
6 Avery Brekhuizen C, OF GR Diamonds
7 Brianne Borgman P, 1B MI Sabercats
8 Emma Wehrs P, 3B Trenton Blast
9 Taylor Capozzo P, 1B East Michigan Muskies
10 Lorelei Chciuk P, 3B Sabercats


Team A3 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Steve Steimel Fusion 231
Coach Russ Mullen Inter-Lakes Pride
1 Jersi Bilek SS, 2B MI Sabercats
2 Amaya Jackson C, 1B Caledonis Chaos
3 Reese Dunny OF, 3B Finesse
4 Lillian Tiller P, CF Michigan Outlaws
5 Madi Ludema P, 1B Elite
6 Annalise Rolak 1B, 3B Devils Fastpitch
7 Savana Mullen 2B, OF Inter-Lakes Pride
8 Reese Herremans IF, P West Michigan Riptide
9 Claire VanDis C, 3B Battle Creek Elite
10 Kamry Clark P, 1B MI Sabercats


Team A4 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Brent Leder Inter-Lakes Pride
Coach Jason Mortinsen Inter-lLakes Pride
1 Addison Taylor P, 3B Finesse
2 Reagan Trombly C, OF Trenton Blast
3 Savannah Kramer SS, 2B Michigan Outlaws
4 Kennedy Halverson 3B, C Battle Creek Elite
5 Addison Anglin P, 1B Michigan Momentum
6 Brighton Leder OF, 2B Inter-Lakes Pride
7 Mady Prout 3B, RF Sabercats
8 Avery Bailey CF, 1B Midland Lady Explorers
9 Jaelynn Mortinsen P, 2B Inter-Lakes Pride
10 Sylvia Brower SS GR Diamonds


Team A5 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Tim Ferrara Devils Fastpitch
Coach Will Russell Michigan Outlaws
1 Shaela Byrnes 1B, OF Inter-Lakes Pride
2 Olivia Tilley 2B, C Finesse
3 Lauren Parker P, 3B Caledonia Chaos
4 Riley Homoley P, IF West Michigan Riptide
5 Peyton Federau SS, OF Elite
6 Hayley Southard 3B, SS Sabercats
7 Gracie Dixon P, 3B Trenton Blast
8 Tori Russell 2B, OF Michigan Outlaws
9 Rachel Davis C, 3B East Michigan Muskies
10 Khloe Siler P, 1B Sabercats


Team A6 Player Name Pos. 2019 Team
Coach David Puck Krash
Coach Chad Dunneback Krash
1 Jadyn Clore P, OF GR Diamonds
2 Emily Postema IF, C West Michigan Riptide
3 Alyssa Goldman P, 3B Inter-Lakes Pride
4 Braelyn Shook 1B, SS Midland Lady Explorers
5 Taylor Dunneback C, OF Krash
6 Allison Ulanowski P, SS Finesse
7 Kelcey Osborne P, OF Sabercats
8 Dakota Traxler OF, 2B Finesse
9 Sophia VenDenstorm P, SS Stealers 08's
10 Audrina Finn C, 2B Devils Fastpitch


Team A7 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Ryan Wing Michigan Outlaws
Coach Tom Wayne Michigan Outlaws
1 Addyson Olin P, 3B Caledonis Chaos
2 Caroline Willimas 2B, SS Midland Lady Explorers
3 Kaylee Kirkpatrick OF Battle Creek Elite
4 Melina Wing P, 3B Michigan Outlaws
5 Riley Smith C, 1B Caledonia Chaos
6 Makenna Kresbaugh OF, 2B Finesse
7 Marissa Wayne P, 1B Michigan Outlaws
8 Brooke Bond 2B, OF Michigan Outlaws
9 Nevaeh Plaster P, C Diamonds
10 Lainey McDaniel P, CF Michigan Sabercats


13U/14U Division Teams

Team D1 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Rob Kline Great Lakes Preformance
Coach Angela Grant Motor City Hit Dogs
1 Hannah Gyolai 1B, C Michigan Rage Gold
2 Olivia Mikowski OF Sandlot Slammers
3 Hailey Charmat P, OF Michiana Repitition Elite
4 Karis Weiriech P, 3B Adrian Lookouts
5 Sarah Norton RF, CF Mustangs Fastpitch
6 Jordyn Grant C, SS Motor City Hit Dogs
7 Alyssa Bruce 1B, OF Michigan Batbusters
8 Amara Kline SS, 2B Great Lakes Preformance
9 Sophia Castillo 3B, U Michigan Rage Gold
10 Jessica Gillem P, 3B Lakeshore Pirates
11 Emma Cassatta SS, 2B Interlakes-Pride


Team D2 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Rick Lyle LC Bandits
Coach Brandon Beyer LC Bandits
1 Paige Proudlock P, SS Mustangs Fastpitch Blue
2 Lexi Emmer CF, LF Inter-Lakes Pride
3 Brynn Beyer C, SS LC Bandits
4 Kala Bisterfeldt 2B, OF Caledonia Chaos
5 Riley O'Connell P, 1B Inter-Lakes Pride
6 Sydney Howard OF Great Lakes Preformance
7 Savannah Karver 3B, SS Adrian Lookouts
8 Madison O'Hehir-Knapp C, OF Michigan Rage Gold
9 Grace Arnett 1B, C Michiana Repitition Elite
10 Sammy Lyle P, 3B LC Bandits


Team D3 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Matt Kidwell Michiana Repetition Elite
Coach LuAnn Meyers Michiana Repitition Elite
1 Madison Vrba P, 2B Great Lakes Preformance
2 Jaden Henderson 2B, SS Inter-Lakes Pride
3 Lanie Gage 3B, C St. Joseph Extreme
4 Sage Pruett P, SS Michigan Momentum
5 Ella Bugbee 1B, C Gold Fastpitch
6 Paiton Lliff 3B, OF Michiana Repitition Elite
7 Kenadie Daggett 1B Great Lakes Preformance
8 Alana Kimble P, U Caledonia Chaos
9 Emily Kidwell 2B, OF Michiana Repitition Elite
10 Ava Prielipp 2B, SS Lakeshore Storm


Team D4 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Jim Priebe LC Bandits
Coach Ashley Ables LC Bandits
1 Emily Wiltsie P, 1B Michigan Rage Gold
2 Paige Antcliff C, SS Mt. Pleasant Drillers
3 Charlotte Lipson C, 2B Great Lakes Preormance
4 Harley Bear 3B, P Diamonds
5 Gabriella Ray OF, U Michigan Rage Gold
6 Emma Schmidt 1B, OF Motor City Hit Dogs
7 Maddie Shaw SS, OF Michiana Repitition
8 Abby Fichtner P, SS Caledonia Chaos
9 Ella Stephenson OF, 3B Michigan Batbusters
10 Hailey Mellec P, 1B Inter-Lakes Pride


Team D5 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Joe Grantham Mustangs
Coach Scott DePaulis Mustangs
1 Bailey Bontrager 3B, C Great Lakes Preformance
2 Rylie Haist P, SS Mt. Pleasant Drillers
3 Malasha Price OF, 2B Michigan Rage Gold
4 Kamie Venema P, 3B Diamonds
5 Addison Wangler C, OF Sandlot Slammers
6 Bess Grantham P, SS Mustangs
7 Ashley Baldwin C, CF Interlakes Pride
8 Jersie Dawson OF, P Michiana Repitition
9 Aubrey Taylor P, 1B Lakeshore Storm
10 Isa Depaulis 2B, OF Mustangs





              2019 All-State Teams and Athletes

11U/12U Division Teams

Team B1 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Mike Hinga 2006 Maroons
Coach Lisa Kiino 2006 Maroons
1 Ava Jolin 3B, OF HangTuf
2 Molly Crouch P, OF South Lyon Stealth
3 Izzy Coffell 2B, CF Midland Lady Explorers
4 Aalyn Grogg P, RF Michigan Rebels
5 Brianna Manning P, 1B Madness Unity
6 Lydia Hinga C, 3B 2006 Maroons
7 Kabri Rice P Michigan Generals
8 Lexie Chapman C, OF Legacy
9 Braylin Grueter CF, 2B 2006 Maroons
10 Macy Ward SS, 1B Inter-Lakes Pride


Team B2 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Darrell Dewitt Grand Blanc Ladycats
Coach Noe Najera Lakeshore Pirates
1 Kaylee Costello P, OF HangTuf
2 Campbell Kloack C, 1B Michigan Warriors
3 Gracie Kerr 3B, SS Ann Arbor Gold
4 Katelyn Dewitt 1B, 3B Grand Blanc Ladycats
5 Kayla Hutchinson 2B, OF Finesse
6 Allie Cahill OF, P Caledonia Chaos
7 Myraql McGee 2B, CF Lakeshore Storm
8 Natalie Najera C, 3B Lakeshore Pirates
9 Rylie Mehrtens P, OF Michigan Outlaws
10 Audry Ford 1B, C Kalamazoo Kings
11 Mariah Stines P, SS Ann Arbor Gold


Team B3 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Ryan Wing Michigan Outlaws
Coach Steve Fox Michigan Outlaws
1 Sierra Vosler P, OF Batbusters
2 Alyssa Goretzka C, 3B Michigan Rebels
3 Angelina Ankawi OF Motor City Madness
4 Penelope Cross 2B, CF Kalamazoo Kings
5 Neveah Wing 2B, SS Michigan Outlaws
6 Abigail Klaft 1B, OF Batbusters
7 Ella Fournier 3B, C Michigan Warriors
8 Paulina Ankawi P, 1B Motor City Madness
9 Lauren Fox SS, 2B Michigan Outlaws
10 Ava Forman P Maroons


Team B4 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Matt Power MC Hit Dogs
Coach Raquel Tribul MC Hit Dogs
1 Lauren Marnocha 1B, 3B Inter-Lakes Pride
2 Emerie Clark OF Maroons
3 Nathalie Hagle C, CF Michigan Outlwas
4 Mia Tribul 2B, P MC Hit Dogs
5 Savannah Schultz P, CF Ladycats
6 Cassandra Zimmerman C, 1B Central Illinois Diamonds
7 Katelyn Stallings OF, 3B Michigan Outlaws
8 Annabel Power SS, P MC Hit Dogs
9 Kathryn Langenburg OF, 2B Caledonia Chaos
10 Megan Grzywacz C, 1B East Michigan Muskies
11 Anna Lassan P, 1B South Lyon Stealth


Team B5 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Jerry Shippe South Lyon Stealth
Coach Rachael Showerman South Lyon Stealth
1 Jayden Marlatt P, OF Sandlot Slammers
2 Gwen Beach C, 3B Lightning Fastpitch
3 Peyton Brenner 2B, OF Caledonia Chaos
4 Emma Hoover P, 1B Ladycats
5 Ella Showerman P, SS South Lyon Stealth
6 Annika Sylver C, OF Motor City Hit Dogs
7 Morgan Near 2B, SS HangTuf
8 Addison Caldwell SS, C Finesse
9 Addison Shippe 3B, 1B South Lyon Stealth
10 Madison Piotter P, SS Kalamazoo Kings


Team B6 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Eric Koch HangTuf
Coach Chad Knox Ann Arbor Gold
1 Maci Willey CF, RF Motor City Madness Unity
2 Katelyn Seeland C, U Hurricanes Fastpitch
3 Ava Lavery P, SS Legacy
4 Alexandra Heaton 3B, OF Caledonia Chaos
5 Hailey Knox SS, 2B Ann Arbor Gold
6 Kate Bonds P, OF Lakeshore Pirates
7 Kayleigh Adams 2B, C South Haven Waves
8 Kamryn Parlin SS, U Maroons
9 Kyleigh Mason P, 1B Kalamazoo Kings
10 Isebella Treloar 1B, 3B Mill Pond Maulers
11 Libbey Schlack P, 2B Inter-Lakes Pride


Team C1 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Corey Wilkins Freedom
Coach Jason Hall Freedom
1 Paige Ambler P, 2B Michigan Outlaws
2 Marissa Merz C, U Inter-Lakes Pride
3 Rachel Peladeau CF, 3B Ann Arbor Gold
4 Elisabeth Wilks SS, P Maroons
5 Grace Porter SS, 3B Batbusters
6 Jaylee Hall 1B, LF Freedom
7 Haidyn Regan SS, CF Michigan Rebels
8 Kate McIntyre 1B, OF Michigan Warriors
9 Liesl Wilkins C, 1B Freedom
10 Reynan Hyliard P, OF Finesse
11 Ava Sherwood C, 3B Caledonia Chaos


Team C2 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach James Edwards Lady Explorers
Coach Brett Wells Livonia Wild
1 Kate Stephens 2B, OF Finesse
2 Anastacia Wachowiak P, 1B Motor City Hit Dogs
3 Gabby Solloway OF, C Lakeshore Pirates
4 Jalen Fossitt 2B, SS Michigan Warriors
5 Emma Grau P, 3B Ann Arbor Gold
6 Hannah Rairigh SS, OF Caledonia Chaos
7 Megan Holly 1B, OF Motor City Madness
8 Addison Edwards C, 3B Lady Explorers
9 Macie Searles P, 2B Maroons
10 Abbey Plummer 3B, C Inter-Lakes Pride
11 Karina Pelkey P, 1B Michigan Outlaws


Team C3 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Matt Lieske Caledonia Chaos
Coach Mike Hoebeke Caledonia Chaos
1 Avery Arwood P, OF Lakeshore Pirates
2 Izabel Bedini OF, C Michigan Outlaws
3 Alexis Stratton SS, C Madness Unity
4 Paige Muehlbrandt OF, 3B Motor City Hit Dogs
5 Elise Mantay P, 1B East Michigan Muskies
6 Kylee Hoebeke P, 1B Caledonia Chaos
7 Kennedy Erway OF, U Maroons
8 Pallas Dominion 2B, 3B Lakeshore Pirates
9 Sara Rappuhn C, SS Inter-Lakes Pride
10 Molly Lieske P, 2B Caledonia Chaos
11 Jenna Walters P, 2B Michigan Legends


Team C4 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Rich Tanner Caledonia Chaos
Coach Adam Newell Caledonia Chaos
1 Natalie Brown C, 3B Michigan Legends
2 Evelyn Trombly 2B, OF Madness Unity
3 Paige Keown P, 3B Michigan Batbusters
4 Ava Coffinger CF Michigan Rebels
5 Elizabeth Davis P, 1B Caledonia Chaos
6 Ada Bradford P, 3B Michigan Warriors
7 Victoria Parisho P, OF Michigan Outlaws
8 Emily Zemitans SS, U Maroons
9 Isabella Crager C, U Michigan Batbusters
10 Hudsyn Tanner 1B, SS Caledonia Chaos
11 Hannah Wayne C, OF Michigan Outlaws


Team C5 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Kendra Licari Mt. Pleasant Drillers
Coach Shawn Licari Mt. Pleasant Drillers
1 Elizabeth Jones 2B, P East Michigan Muskies
2 Kyley Wyman P, CF Mt. Pleasant Drillers
3 Addyson Blank 2B OF Michigan Batbusters
4 Kennedy Wangler OF, 1B Sandlot Slammers
5 Lauryn Licari C, SS Mt. Pleasant Drillers
6 Maddy Thompson C, 3B Hurricanes Fastpitch
7 Hannah Feijoo P, 1B Motor City Madness
8 Kaiya Caswell P, RF Michigan Rebels
9 Erin Newman SS, P Michigan Warriors
10 Tessa Kelly 3B, 1B Mt. Pleasant Drillers
11 Mak Sitarski CF, C Finesse


Team C6 Player Name Pos. Team Name
Coach Kaitlyn Briggs HangTuf 12U
Coach Bryan Garvey Ladycats
1 Malia Burke C, 1B Caledonia Chaos
2 Karli Dorr P, U Madness Unity
3 Ava Golightly 2B, OF Michigan Warriors
4 Randi Taylor P, C Lakeshore Pirates
5 Natalie McCall C, 3B Plymouth Canton Spirit
6 Tori Briggs C, P HangTuf Koch 12U
7 Jaclyn Garvey 2B, CF Ladycats
8 Nona Slater SS, CF Ann Arbor Gold
9 Delany Lee 1B, C Finesse Flores
10 Aeryn Harris P, 3B Michigan Batbusters
11 Claire Winans 2B, U Michigan Rebels


High School Division Teams:

Team E1 Player Name Pos. 2018 Team Name
Coach Ray Scott Krash
Coach Elyse Brittain Krash
1 Julia Becker P, 1B Caledonia Chaos
2 Elena Jones P, 3B Impact
3 Trinity Ashbaugh OF Krash
4 Lilly McKenzie C, 3B Caledonia Chaos
5 Lauren Hassenzahl 1B, P Legacy
6 Carlie Tanner OF Caledonia Chaos
7 Hailey Buckner P, SS Caledonia Chaos
8 Isebella Scott C, OF Krash
9 Ashley Snyder 2B, OF Caledonia Chaos
10 Mackenzie Heaton C, SS Caledonia Chaos
11 Kayelyn Powell P, U Krash
12 Emmalee Hamp P, 2B Caledonia Chaos


Team E2 Player Name Pos. 2018 Team Name
Coach Bryan Baareman Caladonia Chaos
Coach Jason Miller Caledonia Chaos
1 Ashley Williams P, 1B Gold Fastpitch
2 Adirra Powell C, 3B Lakeshore Storm
3 Kaili Beyer OF Caledonia Chaos
4 Olivia Griffiths SS, 2B LC Bandits
5 Kenadie Baareman OF Caledonia Chaos
6 Lorelei Weber CF, U Krash
7 Lizzy Fichtner SS, OF Caledonia Chaos
8 Baylee Hodge 3B, SS Krash
9 Sara Bevington P, 2B Caledonia Chaos
10 Haleigh Miller SS, C Caledonis Chaos
11 Maggie Etue P, U Krash
12 Kylee Dillard P, OF Caledonia Chaos
13 Ellie Gaines OF Krash
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