All-State Games

How Do I Nominate An Athlete? Nomination Process Below

Each coach will have the opportunity to nominate players based on teams order of finish in all Michigan USSSA fastpitch tournaments during the 2023 season. Nomination online form link can be found below. Once nominated the players guardian will receive an All-State Games invitation email from Michigan USSSA Fastpitch to register their athlete for the event.

Coaches may nominate players from other teams but MUST have and include a valid parent/guardian email for each player you nominate.

These nominated players will be the event's All-Tournament Team after registration.

After each tournament participated in all Coaches should nominate players based on the criteria listed below. 

  • The first place team may nominate 6 players
  • The second place team may nominate 5 players
  • The third place team may nominate 4 players
  • The fourth place team may nominate 3 players
  • All other teams may nominate 1 player

Questions regarding nomination process email [email protected] or [email protected].
Nominations Close 7/18/2023 @ 3:00 pm - Registration closes 7/25/2023 @ 8:00 pm or when event is full. Keep in mind the athletes t-shirt size and name on the back of the shirt is guaranteed if registered by the deadline of, Wednesday, July 19th at 9:30 am as mentioned below. Any registration done after this deadline is done with the understanding that no t-shirt is expected. Our apparel vendor has mandated this lead time to prepare the order for timely delivery. The All-State ring will be delivered onsite to all registrations up to the deadline mentioned above.


    • Click below to nominate athletes by filling out the online nomination form.

ALL-STATE ATHLETE NOMINATION FORM - past deadline link removed

GUARDIANS: Please read all the information below. Player registration and payment link at the bottom of this information.

The Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All State Games will be held August 5, 2023 at Canton Sports Center, Canton Township, MI. Canton Sports Center is the premiere facility in Michigan. Full service air conditioned Bar and Grill onsite.

The All-State Games will showcase players who have been nominated throughout the season at participating Michigan USSSA Fastpitch tournaments. Players will be nominated for displaying great overall effort and tournament performance throughout the season as well as displaying great sportsmanship. Nominated players must be on a current registered Michigan USSSA roster or live in Michigan.

All-State Games Coaching Staff Nominations and/or Volunteers

Coaching staff selections will come from those who volunteer and/or are nominated and will be announced after the State Tournament. If you have someone who you think is worthy of being nominated for the All State Coaching Staff, please send recommendations to [email protected]. Please include the nominated coaches email address, cell phone number and current season team they coach.

All-State Games Coaches Gift!

All-State Coaches will receive a commemorative gift compliments of Michigan USSSA Fastpitch for volunteering, being nominated, selected and coaching in this event.

Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All-State Games Event Information:

August 5th, 2023 Games Beginning @ 9:00 AM – Canton Sports Center, Canton Township, MI

  • ROSTER Batting is Mandatory.
  • No player will miss consecutive innings defensively.
  • In the event we have rain, the event will be moved to August 6th, 2023.
  • Catchers bring your own catching gear.
  • All game balls will be provided.
  • All athletes will receive the official 2023 All State t-shirt.
  • Each team will play 2 games.
  • Games will be regulation 75 minutes in length. Once time has expired, we will finish the batter. No score will be kept. Max 6 runs per inning.
  • This highly successful event was created to be a fun, non-competitive showcase of players participating with other players from other teams.
  • Poor sportsmanship of any kind will NOT be tolerated!
  • All State Coaches will contact each of their players prior to the event regarding any potential practices, meeting times, etc.
  • Each player will wear their current team uniform for the All-State Games.

Player's participating in the All-State Games will receive:

    • 2023 Michigan All-State Games ring.

    • All participating players will be listed as 2023 Michigan All-State player on
    • All participating players receive the 2023 All-State Games official t-shirt. Guarantee sizing and athlete name on the back by registering by July 19th @ 9:30am (as mentioned above). Double check your athletes t-shirt size by clicking here All-State T-Shirt Size.



ALL-STATE ATHLETE REGISTRATION FORM - past deadline link removed

        • No refunds after 7/19 @ 4pm. All players must be present and in person at the event to receive awards. All registrations after the deadline of 7/19 @ 9:30am are doing so with the understanding that no All-State t-shirt is expected. The All-State rings will be delivered onsite to all registrations received by the deadline of 7/25 @ 8:00pm as mentioned above.


No exceptions!

Below are athletes that have been nominated for the 2023 All-State Games and registered athletes that will be participating.
From mobile device scroll right/left to view all listings. These list are updated manually 1-2 times a week. Please be patient and check back if you don't see your athletes name.


First Last Team Name Age Div.
Kennedi Adams Northville Broncos 13U
London Adams Southwest Diamond Aztecs 12U
Reagen Allen Finesse Good 11U
Emma Andruszkiewicz Inter-Lake's Pride Zumstein 10U
Ava Andruszkiewicz SF Bombers 09 Andruszkiewicz 13U
Lilly Anible Sabercats Prout 13U
Elizabeth Apkarian Finesse Frye 10U
Katherine Apkarian Finesse Wilkin 8U
Sara Augustitus SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Miley Austin Edge Fastpitch 14U
Sela Ballor Elite Baareman/Pierce 13U
Hailey Baltzell Hawks Gold-Pace 10U
Raelynn Barbour Finesse Wilkin 8U
Sydney Barendse Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Kenzie Barendse Inter-Lakes Pride Elkins 11U
Kendra Barich Inter-Lakes Pride 10U
Abigail Barnosky Michigan Generals 11U
Bella Barron Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Kaylee Bartee Lakeshore Pirates 12U
Lillianah Baskin Sabercats Prout 13U
Skylar Baucher Michigan Storm 2K9 13U
Sharon Becroft SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Alize Bednarsh Finesse Wilkin 8U
Makenzie Benjamin Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs 12U
Kaylee Bentoski Finesse Milovich 10U
Charley Betts Foster Oilers 13U
Brynn Beverwyk Michigan Storm - Huebler 13U
Ellie Black Finesse Wilkin 8U
Emma Bobbio Michigan Storm 2K9 13U
Brayleigh Bogan Batbusters 13U
Kyliegh Boldvich Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Brylee Bradley Finesse King 12U
Brooklyn Bragalone Foster Oilers 13U
Eila Bremer GR Diamonds - Wilcox 10U
Emerson Brooks Inter-Lakes Pride Brooks 8U
Abby Brooks Inter-Lakes Pride McCaffrey 14U
Addison Brown Edge Fastpitch Goleski 11U
Camryn Brown Finesse Milovich 10U
Kaylee Brown Finesse Milovich 10U
Lylah Brumm Batbusters parent 11U
Vandria Bucklin BATS 13U
Addison Burgei Motor City Madness 12U
Jadyn Burkhart Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Erin Burton Gold Fastpitch 12U
Sidney Bush Turnin2 Mortinsen 13U
Riley Butler BATS 13U
Madi Byrd Turnin2 Smythe/Baker 10U
Shaela Byrnes Interlakes Pride Frellick 13U
Madeline Caillouette Livonia Hawks 12U
Emma Campau Livonia Hawks 12U
Mikenna Campisi Team Michigan Hall 13U
Ella Capp Lady Explorers 11U
Abigal Carignan Hawks Gold softball 10U
Abby Cartwright Team Michigan Hall 13U
Ava Cerda Southwest Diamond Aztecs 12U
Peyton Chapel Motor City Madness 9U
Brooklyn Chlipala Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Aubree Churchill Foster Oilers 13U
Mikayla Ciesluk Team Michigan Hall 13U
Scarlett Clark Inter-Lakes Pride (Brooks) 8U
Isabella Clayton Hawks Gold Softball 10U
Layla Clucker Michiana repetition 11U
Mallory Colarossi ENVY Fastpitch 13U
Mae Colarossi Inter-Lakes Pride Brooks 8U
Katelynn Cole Finesse Latra 13U
Khloe Colegrove Turnin2 Smythe/Baker 10U
Sydney Cook Batbusters parent 11U
Anne Cook Finesse Milovich 10U
Norah Cornell St. Joseph Xtreme 12U
Harper Coy Lady Explorers 11U
Emma Creager BATS 13U
Ava Cruz Southwest Diamond Aztecs 12U
Gabby Curtis Caledonia Chaos 12U
Raegan Damm Finesse Wilkin 8U
Kendra Damm T2 Vawter 13U
Taliya Dauser Caledonia Chaos 12U
Finley Davis Turnin2 Davis 11U
Charlotte Davison Krash St.John 10U
Izabella DeGroat Stealth DeGroat 13U
Delaney Delisi Moose Fastpitch - Contreraz 10U
Ella Derian Beverly Bandits 9U
Anabell Dettling Mojo Marek 13U
Eden Dharte Firecrackers Renee/Parrish 12U
Theresa DiStefano SF Bombers 09 Andruszkiewicz 13U
Sylvie Ditmar Precision Patriots 12U
Mylee Doan T2 Neal 12U
Haliegh Dodds Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Cheyenne Drinkwater Krash Puck 14U
Alex Dziak Turnin2 Davis 11U
Emerson Eiseman Beverly Bandits 9U
Cassandra Emming Team Michigan Hall 13U
Leela Engelhardt Mid Michigan Heat 13U
Hayden England Motor City Madness 12U
Devyn Ermis Turnin2 Smythe/Baker 10U
Finley Faist Finesse Doyle 9U
Savannah Farner Turnin2 Zielinski 10U
Madison Farrand Inter-Lakes Pride McCaffrey 14U
Kelsey Fausz Krash Puck 14U
Sam Feldkamp Turnin2 Davis 11U
Peyton Fether Gold Fastpitch 16U
Alexis Fiddes Firecrackers Simko 13U
Abby Finch Elite Baareman/Pierce 13U
Sloan Fisher Michigan Rebels 9U
Catherine Foka Michigan Generals 11U
Isabelle Forrester Lakeshore Pirates 13U
Hannah Fowler Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Olivia Frellick Interlakes Pride Frellick 13U
Shelby Frye Finesse Frye 10U
Karli Fulton Gold Fastpitch 10U
Kennadi Fulton Gold Fastpitch 12U
Anabelle Gal Turnin2 Davis 11U
Abby Ganfield Foster Oilers 16U
Jordyn Gardner Michigan Storm 2K9 13U
Macy Gaylor Stealth DeGroat 13U
Averie Gendron Firecrackers Parrish 12U
Gemma Gentile Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Natalie Gerbino Team Michigan Hall 13U
Tomia Geter Mi Elite 08 Bradfield 14U
Katelyn Glupker Elite Baareman/Pierce 13U
Ella Goike Batbusters parent 11U
Bella Golden Elite GR 13U
Kinlee Goldman Finesse King 12U
Danielle Golen T2 Neal 12U
Kylie Goleski Edge Fastpitch Goleski 11U
Gabby Goleski Edge Fastpitch 14U
Scarlett Gonzales Michigan Renegades Merolla 11U
Lily Gonzales Motor City Madness 12U
Gwendolyn Good Finesse Good 11U
Ellie Good Inter-Lakes Pride (Brooks) 8U
Macie Gorney Brighton Orange- Bulldogs 12U
Tenley Gosnell Lakeshore Pirates 12U
Shaylan Gourlay Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Reese Grabetz Trenton Blast 10U
Olivia Gravina Team Michigan 11U
Harper Griffin St. Joseph Xtreme 12U
Juliana Griffin Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Reagan Grounds Gold Fastpitch 10U
Emily Grube Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Emma Guntzviller Inter-Lakes Pride Pierce 14U
Jayden Gushrowski Interlakes Pride Varitek 12U
Lillian Guthrie Firecrackers Parrish 12U
Makayla Guzowski Batbuster parent 11U
Emma Haelterman Inter Lakes Pride Yamin 8U
Kinley Hagedorn Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Olivia Hancock Trenton Blast 10U
Ainsley Harms Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Jordin Harper Livonia Storm 15U
Olivia Harper Michigan Storm 11U
Natalie Harris Lakeshore Pirates 13U
Paisley Hart Finesse Frye 10U
Gracie Hascall Finesse Milovich 10U
Claire Hathaway Team Michigan - Lindow 13U
Mackenzie Heath Inter-Lakes Pride Brooks 8U
Cecilia Hernandez Livonia Hawks 12U
Taryn Hernandez Gold Fastpitch 16U
Kendall Heron Inter-Lakes Pride McCaffrey 14U
Trinity Hester Finesse King 12U
Ireland Hewitt Finesse Doyle 9U
Ella Hibbard Hawks Gold 10U
Bailey Hill Inter-lakes Pride Elkins 11U
Grace Hill Inter Lakes Pride Yamin 8U
Ulara Hill USA Prime 12U
Aleah Hill Anchor Bay Angels Tocco 12U
Hadley Himes Motor City Madness 12U
Lily Hoag Turnin2 Davis 11U
Finley Holmes Finesse Doyle 9U
Leela Hood Michigan Rebels 9U
Addy Howard Finesse Beyer 13U
Cam Howland Jags 12U
Charlotte Hubbert Motor City Madness 9U
Mallorie Hufnagle BATS 13U
Violet Hunger Firecrackers Parrish 12U
Jordan Hurd Batbusters parent 11U
Vanessa Husband Jags 12U
Gabrielle Huyghe SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Sophie Irfan Turnin2 Mortinsen 09 13U
Ella Irwin Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Maci Iverson Beverly Bandits 9U
Maddison Iverson Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Serenity Jackson Finesse Wilkin 8U
Olivia Jaime Michigan Renegades Merolla 11U
Ellie Jansen Precision Patriots 12U
Lucille Jewett Northville Broncos 13U
Rose Jewett Northville Broncos 10U
Riley Johnson Michigan Storm 2k9 13U
Emmy Johnson Michiana Repetitions 10U
Emma Johnson SouthFarmington Bombers 13U
Adeline Jones Blue Water Wolves 14U
Sydney Jones Michiana Repetition 10U
Kaiya Jones Finesse King 12U
Abigail Jones Stealers 12U
Mikayla Jurek Michigan Generals 11U
Anna Kadrovach Michigan Batbusters-Goodrich 14U
Bri Kamer GR Diamonds - Ritsema 14U
Emma Karbowski Livonia Hawks 12U
Brooklyn Klein Motor City Madness 12U
Audree Kochan Finesse Frye 10U
Hayley Kohls T2 Neal 12U
Riley Koivula Envy Fastpitch 13U
Delaney Kribs Lake Effect 10U
Emma LaConte Inter-Lakes Pride Myers 9U
Piper LaFave Finesse Good 11U
Cora Lafeve Krash 10U
Kara Lambert Inter-lakes Pride Elkins 11U
Cecelia Lange Hurricanes Fastpitch 12U
Sammy Langkos Inter-Lakes Pride Fisher 12U
Emma Larner Finesse Beagle 13U
Hailey LaRue Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Maggie Latra Finesse Latra 13U
Sage LaVigne Lady Explorers 11U
Corrine Laws SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Lily LeBlanc Firecrackers Parrish 12U
Brinkley Leder Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Ella Lehnertz Caledonia Chaos Thayer 10U
Moorea Leslie Motor City Madness 12U
Savannah Letson SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Zelia Lewis Edge Fastpitch 14U
Tannah Lin Pirates 11U
Georgia Linzell T2 Vawter 13U
Lia Liphard Finesse Doyle 9U
Olivia Lippert Klash-09 13U
Rosalia LoMedico Finesse Frye 10U
Tess Loper Finesse Beyer 13U
Lauren Lowry SF Bombers 09 Andruszkiewicz 13U
Ella Lundberg Turnin2 Davis 11U
Eeva Luoma GR Diamonds Ritsema 14U
Addy Mach T2 Neal 12U
Olivia Mackie Foster Oilers 10U
Emma Mackie Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Sofiella Maliszewski Finesse Frye 10U
Addison Mancini Northville Broncos 12U
Gianna Mangone Michigan batbusters yoskovich 13U
Addie Marlan HangTuf 12U
Alyssa Marshall Caledonia Chaos 12U
Allison Martin Mojo Marek 13U
Adalyn Martin Southwest Diamond Aztecs 12U
Devlyn Massengill Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Addison Mastako Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Annabelle Mastako Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Mikayla Maurer Batbusters parent 11U
Phoebe Maximiuk Team Michigan - Lindow 13U
Alyssa McCalla Northville Broncos 2010 12U
Macie Mccausland Livonia Hawks 12U
Brooklyn McCoy Hawks Gold 10U
Mindy McCutcheon Beverly Bandits 9U
Kinley McDevitt Motor City Madness 9U
Kelly McKaig Turnin2 Vawter 09 13U
Mya McKinney Finesse Doyle 9U
Maggie McLelland Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Carley McMahon Interlakes Pride Varitek 12U
Mackenzie Medallis Inter-Lakes Pride 10U
Ella Medonis Inter-Lakes Pride (Brooks) 8U
Jordyn Meier-Turczyn Batbusters Parent 11U
Kaylyn Messer Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Sutton Metzger Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Aspen Miller Krash 10U
Elyse Miller Edge Fastpitch 14U
Mady Milovich Finesse Milovich 10U
Gracelyn Minard Gold Fastpitch 16U
Reagan Minto Edge Fastpitch Goleski 11U
Mackenzie Mireles St. Joseph Xtreme 12U
Ava Mitchell Turnin2 Davis 11U
Brooke Mitchell Northville Broncos 13U
Samantha Mondalek Michigan Batbusters Goodrich 14U
Kenzie Morgan Finesse Frye 10U
Kendall Morris Tennessee Mojo Dexter 12U
Jada Mosher Sabercat Prout 13U
Harper Moshluk Inter-Lakes Pride 10U
Payton Mundt Batbusters parent 11U
Livia Mundy Diamonds Deters 11U
Ziannah Munguia Michigan storm 11U
Ryleigh Musser Edge Fastpitch 14U
Emily Myers InterLakes Pride Myers 9U
Olivia Nash Motor City Madness 12U
Mackenzie Neil T2 Neal 12U
Lucy Nelson Inter-Lakes Pride Fisher 12U
Blair Neuwirth Northville Broncos 13U
Giavanna Newburry B45 Academy 12U
Vanessa Nissen Turnin2 Mortinsen 09 13U
Sammie Nowicki Team Michigan Hall 13U
Brooke O'Dowd Inter-Lakes Pride Myers 9U
Shea O'Neil Finesse Beagle 13U
Collins O'Shell GR Diamonds - Wilcox 10U
Izamar Oberholtzer Inter-Lakes Pride Fisher 12U
Natalie Oginski Inter-Lakes Pride Elkins 11U
Allison Olejniczak Finesse Doyle 9U
Lily Olson Turnin2 Smythe/Baker 10U
Samantha Osborne Finesse Beagle 13U
Kelcey Osborne Sabercats 13U
Leah Ostlund NTF Nova 12U
Violet Pace Hawks Gold 10U
Loryn Palo Sharks 08 - Palo 14U
Roxi Pannucci Team Michigan 11U
Sophia Paquette Michigan Batbusters Goodrich 14U
Jordan Parent Batbusters parent 11U
Alyssa Parets Team Michigan Hall 13U
Gabriella Parrish Firecrackers Renne/Parrish 12U
Ella Paulsell Turnin2 Davis 11U
Hayden Pawlak Tennessee Mojo Dexter 12U
Scarlett Pawlak Beverly Bandits 9U
Kendall Peckens T2 Neal 12U
Addison Peppers Lakeshore Pirates 12U
Lydia Perkins Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Lorelai Peters Michigan Rebels 9U
Meredith Peterson Inter-Lakes Pride Pierce 14U
Mia Petrovski Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Sydney Pierce Inter-Lakes Pride Pierce 14U
Madde Platz Motor City Madness 9U
Avrie Plontz SGS Magic - Thacker 12U
Gabriella Polito Finesse Doyle 9U
Mya Popkey Gold Fastpitch 12U
Wynn Portelli Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Mya Porterfield Inter-Lakes Pride Myers 9U
Amelia Porterfield Diamonds Deters 11U
Abigail Pratt Krash Puck 14U
Rae Prestidge Pirates 11U
Annabell Preston Gold fastpitch 14U
Madi Price Inter-Lakes Pride Brooks 8U
Adelle Prosser Lakeshore Pirates 12U
Kendall Prout Sabercats Prout 13U
Addisyn Provost Finesse Doyle 9U
Audri Pyne Caledonia Chaos 12U
Jade Queen Mi Elite 08 Bradfield 14U
Nora Racey Finesse Garzelloni 11U
Allison Raison GR Diamonds 13U
Addison Ramirez Edge 11U
Mallorie Randall Stealers 12U
Allison Ray Firecrackers Parrish 12U
Cali Reams Foster Oilers 10U
Kennedy Reid Jags 12U
Sophia Renderos Krash 10U
Lola Reynolds Northville Broncos 10U
Abigail Reynolds Lakeshore Pirates 12U
Emma Risser Motor City Madness 9U
Ellsie Ritsema GR Diamonds Ritsema 14U
Claire Robach Caledonia Chaos 12U
Kora Robbins Anchor Bay Angels 9U
Gretchen Robinson Trenton Blast 10U
Brooklyn Robles Finesse Good 11U
MaKenzie Rooney NTF Nova 12U
Madison Rushlow Interlakes Pride Varitek 12U
Lexi Russell Finesse King 12U
Carolyn Rys Northville Broncos 13U
Kaedence Ryznar Michigan Generals 11U
Leah Safran Team Michigan Hall 13U
Kaylee Sanchez Michigan Batbusters Yoskovich 13U
Laine Sattler Gold Fastpitch 12U
Emmerson Savoie Finesse Wilkin 8U
Isla Schager Hawks Gold 10U
Anna Schauer Michigan Storm 2K9 13U
Audrey Schlaff Motor City Madness 9U
Ava Schulz Caledonia Chaos 12U
Lydia Scrimenti Motor City Madness 12U
Emily Searle Firecrackers Simko 13U
Allison Shamus Northville Broncos 13U
Addie Shaw Turnin2 Smythe/Baker 10U
Makayla Shelton Inter-Lakes Pride Fisher 12U
Kelsee Sherrod Finesse Good 11U
Sophia Sherwood Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Morgan Shoemaker Crown 14U
Elley Shoultes Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs 12U
Lucy Siegler Finesse Wilkin 8U
Abby Simko Firecrackers Simko 13U
Jordynn Sixbury Caledonia Chaos 11U
Zoey Smith Finesse Frye 10U
Chloe Smith Sabercats Prout 13U
Kelsey Smith Ice Fastpitch 12U
Olivia Smith Northville Broncos 13U
Isabella Smith Mojo Marek 13U
Kennedy Smythe Turnin2 Smythe/Baker 10U
Aubree Soto Finesse King 12U
Megan Southward Raiders Allen 12U
Kailyn Sowards Krash DtJohn 10U
Josephine Spiller Interlakes Pride Varitek 12U
Aleena Stahlhood Firecrackers Simko 13U
Mackenzie Stark Anchor Bay Angels-Griffin 9U
Shelby Steinberger Finesse Doyle 9U
Audrey Stetten GR Diamonds- Ritsema 14U
Ella Stetz Motor City Madness 12U
Macie Stine Edge Fastpitch Goleski 11U
Emma Stogsdill Livonia storm schriefer 12U
Lexi Stone Motor City Madness 9U
Nina Stratton Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Payten Strefling Lakeshore Pirates-Forrester 13U
Samantha Sutton Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Zoe Swank Michigan Batbusters Goodrich 14U
Sophie Swanson Firecrackers Simko 13U
Ava Tanner livonia Hawks 12U
Nola Mae Tcruz Team Michigan Hall 13U
Gianna Thayer Caledonia Chaos Thayer 10U
Addisyn Thomas Finesse - Latra 13U
Amelia Thomas Klash-09 13U
Ava Thomas Lakeshore Pirates 13U
Harper Thompson Inter Lakes Pride Yamin 8U
Madeline Tietze Finesse Milovich 10U
Natalie Tocco Jags 12U
Adrianna Tomei Northville Broncos 2010 12U
Brynn Trombly Trenton Blast 10U
Isabelle Trombly Foster Oilers 16U
Addie Troyer Michigan Storm 2K9 13U
Allison Truckey USSSA Midwest Pride- Truckey 14U
Kelsie Trudeau Precision Patriots 10U
Lexi Tzortzinis Gold Fastpitch 12U
Camryn Underwood T2 Neal 12U
Braelynn Van Buren Inter-Lakes Pride (Brooks) 8U
Drew VanAssche SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Lucy VanDerWege Michigan Rebels 10U
Cara VanGoethem Interlakes Pride Varitek 12U
Aubrey VanGoethem Livonia Storm 15U
Evelyn VanStrien Diamonds Deters 11U
Gracelynn Vazana Michigan Batbusters Goodrich 14U
Abby Vehar SCS Sharks VanAssche 13U
Emery Vermeesch Finesse Wilkin 8U
Addison Viviano Anchor Bay Angels Tocco 12U
Reagan Wade Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Evey Wagner Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Grace Walter T2 Neal 12U
Viola Wangler Finesse Milovich 10U
Ellie Warfield Inter-Lakes Pride Brooks 8U
Kennedy Warren Motor City Madness 12U
Grace Watson Stealth DeGroat 13U
Olivia Watt Caledonia Chaos Thayer 10U
Maeve Weiss T2 Neal 12U
Macy Wendecker Inter-Lakes Pride (Brooks) 8U
Ella Werner Inter-Lakes Pride Barwig 9U
Emma Westcomb Michigan Storm 2K9 13U
Briana Whitford Gold Fastpitch 10U
Kacy Wilkin Finesse Wiklin 8U
Emerson Wilkin Interlakes Pride Varitek 12U
Hannah Williams Finesse Russell 14U
Mariana Williams Interlakes Pride Frellick 13U
Marley Williams Tribe Fastpitch Chlipala 12U
Anna Witherspoon Hawks Gold 10U
Anabelle Wortman T2 Neal 12U
Paige Wozny Turnin2 Campbell 11U
Brooklynn Wright Caledonia Chaos Thayer 10U
Sammi Wright Finesse Frye 10U
Ava Yaklin Finesse Latra 13U
Avay Yaldou Northville Broncos 2010 12U
Sophia Yamin Turnin2 Davis 11U
Raegan Zache Klash 13U
Lucy Zagar Michigan Storm 13U
Alexa Zielinski Turnin2 Zielinski 10U
Lilly Zumstein Inter-Lakes Pride 10U
First Last Team Age Group Accpt
Stacy Frye Finesse 10U Y
Josh Hibbard Hawks Gold 10U Y
Rob Pace Hawks Gold 10U Y
Melissa Smythe Turnin 2 10U Y
Dawn Whitford Gold Fastpitch 10U Y
Nate Wright Finesse 10U Y
Eric Zielinski Turnin2 Zielinski 10U Y
Matt Zumstein Inter-lakes Pride 10U Y
Bryan Barich Inter-lakes Pride 10U Y
Mike Davis T2 Davis 11U Y
Ryan Goleski Edge 11U Y
Jason Lafave Finesse Good 11U Y
Joe Yamin T2 Davis 11U Y
Jake Mitchell T2 Davis 11U Y
Ted Burton Gold Fastpitch 12U Y
Terry England Motor City Madness 12U Y
Mike Fisher Inter-lakes Pride 12U Y
Bree Hernandez Livonia Hawks 12U Y
Kaleigh King Finesse King 12U Y
Elizabeth Nahavandi B45 Academy 12U Y
David Parrish Fire Crackers 12U Y
Ashley Shay Precision Patriots 12U Y
Jeff Tanner Livonia Hawks 12U Y
Abbey Walewski Precision Patriots 12U Y
Colby Wittman St. Joseph Xtreme 12U Y
Sydney Lankford Precision Patriots 12U Y
Joe Chlipala Tribe Fastpitch 12U Y
Brian Dharte Fire Crackers 12U Y
Chris Guthrie Fire Crackers 12U Y
Kevin Andruszkiewicz SF Bombers 13U Y
Eddie Bobbio Michigan Storm 2K9 13U Y
Jason Emming Michigan Hall 13U Y
Dana Frellick Inter-lakes Pride 13U Y
Matt Safran Michigan Hall 13U Y
Christian Simko Fire Crackers 13U Y
Deagon Jewett Northville Broncos 13U Y
Kris Swanson Fire Crackers 13U Y
Rahjah Stahlhood Fire Crackers 13U Y
Randy Pierce Inter-Lakes Pride 14U Y
Steve Ritsema GR Diamonds Ritsema 14U Y
Hillary Mohr Gold 16U Y
Ryan Heath Inter-lakes Pride 8U Y
Mitch Brooks Inter-lakes Pride 8U Y
JJ Price Inter-lakes Pride 8U Y
Kyle Siegler Finesse 8U Y
Lindsey Medonis Inter-lakes Pride 8U Y
Ashley Warfield Inter-lakes Pride 8U Y
Steph Doyle Finesse Doyle 9U Y
Gary Griffin Anchor Bay Angels 9U Y
Ryan Olejiniczak Finessse Doyle 9U Y
Rich Peters Michigan Rebels 9U Y
Thomas Schlaff Motor City Madness 9U Y
Ryan Risser Motor City Madness 9U Y