All-State Games

Nomination Process

Each team’s coach will be asked to nominate players based on team’s order of finish in all Michigan USSSA fastpitch tournament qualifiers for each 2019 season. Nominated player’s guardian will receive an All-State Games invitation email from Michigan USSSA Fastpitch.

You may nominate players from other teams but MUST have their parent/guardian email.

These nominated players will be the event’s All-Tournament Team.

  • The first place team will nominate 6 players
  • The second place team will nominate 5 players
  • The third place team will nominate 4 players
  • The fourth place team will nominate 3 players
  • All other teams will nominate 1 player

**If you have any questions regarding the Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All-State Games or the nomination process, please email



The 2nd annual Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All State Games will be held August 3rd, 2019 at Bailey Park, Battle Creek, MI.

The All-State Games will showcase players who have been nominated throughout the season at participating All-State Games qualifiers. Players will be nominated for displaying great overall effort and tournament performance throughout the season as well as displaying great sportsmanship. Nominated players must be on a current registered Michigan USSSA roster or live in Michigan.

All-State Games Coaching Staff

Coaching staff selections will be announced after the State Tournament. If you have someone who you think is worthy of being recommended for the All State Coaching Staff, please send recommendations to

All-State Games Coaches Gear!

All-State Coaches will receive a ball cap (similar to 2018 cap below)  as part of being nominated and selected to coach in this event.

Michigan USSSA Fastpitch All-State Games Event Information:

August 3rd, 2019 – Bailey Park

  • ROSTER Batting is Mandatory.
  • No player will miss consecutive innings defensively.
  • In the event we have rain, the event will be moved to August 4th, 2019.
  • Catchers bring your own catching gear.
  • All game balls will be provided.
  • All Players will receive the official 2019 All State t-shirt.
  • Each team will play 2 games.
  • Games will be regulation 75 minutes in length. Once time has expired, we will finish the batter. No score will be kept.
  • This event was created to be a fun, non-competitive showcase of players participating with other players from other teams. Poor sportsmanship of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  • All State Coaches will contact each of their players prior to the event on August 3rd regarding any potential practices, meeting times, etc.
  • Each player will wear their current team uniform for the All-State Games.

Player’s participating in the All-State Games will receive:

  • 2018 Michigan All-State Games ring – 2019 ring similar to the example above.
  • Listed as Michigan All-State player on
  • All-State Games official t-shirt, logo at the top of this page.


2018 10U All-State Teams/Players/Coaches
Team 10A Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Scott Pasini
Coach Amy Gee
1 Kayla Chisholm C, 1b Primetime Hurricanes 07
2 Megan Holly P. 1b Motor City Madness Pleet
3 Rylee Hudson 1b, CF Michigan Momentum
4 Chloe Compau P, 2b Mid Michigan Bolts
5 Lydia Zajchowski SS, CF Turnin2
6 Camryn Dimon C, 3b Kalamazoo Kings Red 10u
7 Macy Pasini P, OF Turnin2
8 Madilyn Ludema P, 3b Elite 10U
9 Kate Stephens 3b, SS Michigan Batbusters, Maxwell
10 Elise Mantay P, 2b East Michigan Muskies
11 Camryn Carns 3b, OF Turnin2
Team 10B Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Jon Vidro
Coach Aaron Martin
1 Leah Schumann P, OF Midland Lady Explorers
2 Liesl Wilkens 3b, C Michigan Crush
3 Emily Brown 1b. OF Turnin2
4 Lauren Miller SS, 1b Michigan Outlaws 10U Scripture
5 Katherine Martin C, 3b East Michigan Muskies
6 Mya Martinez P, 1b Prime Time Hurricanes 07
7 Addie Hartley RF, LF Michigan Outlaws 10U Scripture
8 Brianne Borgman P, 1b Sabercats 9U Ross
9  Mirella Maggiano 2b, RF East Michigan Muskies
10 Isabel Vidro SS, 2b East Michigan Muskies
11 Addison Seward SS, P Prime Time Hurricanes
Team 10C Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Jason Bakus
Coach James Edwards
1 Camille Potter P, OF Michigan Momentum
2 Hana Scripture C, 1b Michigan Outlaws Scripture
3 Brooklynn Bartos P., SS Devils Fastpitch Donaldson
4 Addison Edwards C, 3b Midland Lady Explorers
5 Madison Whitman SS, CF Michigan Momentum
6 Sydney Evans OF, 2b  Motor City Madness 10u Pleet
7 Sophia Whitten 2b, CF Turnin2
8 Marissa Wayne P, 1b Michigan Outlaws Scripture
9 Livi Bakus SS, 1b Midland Lady Explorers
10 Shannon McAuliffe P , 1b PC Spirit
11 Brooklyn Overweg C, 3b Michigan Sabercats Ross
Team 10D Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Jake Drenth
Coach Ed Pleet
1 Annika Sylver 3b, C BatBusters 10u Maxwell
2 Renee Huyck P, 1b Kalamazoo Kings Red
3 Audrey Ford C, 1b Kalamazoo Kings Red
4 Olivia Buege 1b, 3b Turnin2
5 Emma Schell 3b, P Michigan Momentum
6 Isabella Kutch 1b, 3b Livonia Storm
7 Natilee Pridemore P, 1b Madness Hool 10U
8 Nakenna Knowlton P, 3b Michigan Outlaws Scripture
9 Grace Zimmerman 3b, 1b Prime Time Hurricanes
10 Hannah Pleet 2b, RF Motor City Madness Pleet
11 Sydney Drenth 1b, CF Prime Time Hurricanes
Team 10E Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Sean Wright
Coach Dustin Dolan
1 Mae Griffore 3b P Madness 10U Pleet
2 Paige Metzger LF, 3b Prime Time Hurricanes 07
3 Kaydee Absher C, 3b Turnin2
4 Jenna Wylie SS, P Michigan Outlaws Scripture
5 Kyleigh Mason P, 1b Kalamazoo Kings Red
6 Rylee Limberger P, C Turnin2 10U
7 Katie Bruzdewicz P, 3b East Michigan Muskies
8 Allison Wright P, 3b Elite 10U
9 Olivia Dolan SS, 3b Elite 10U Wright
10  Madison Braun P, LF Turnin2
Team 10F Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Jim Wroten
Coach Isabel Wroten
1 Madison Jones P, SS Michigan Bolts
2 Marisa Merz C, 1b Michigan Outlaws 10U Scripture
3 Lainey McDaniel CF, 2b Michigan Sabercats Ross
4 Megan Grzywacz 1b, C East Michigan Muskies
5 Ella Root 2b, P Turnin2
6 Kylee Hoebeke P, 1b Caledonia Chaos
7 Reese Murray CF, 3b Madness 10U Hool
8  Ella Hess SS, 2b Turnin2
9  Isabella Miller C, OF Elite
10 Reese Dominowski P, OF Midland Lady Explorers
11 Jessica Booher 2b, CF Michigan Outlaws Scripture
2018 11U All-State Teams/Players/Coaches
Team 11A Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Paul Collins
Coach Aaron Grogg
1 Jaylen Nokovich SS, OF Grand Blanc Ladycats
2 Clare Flory C, OF Next Level Performance
3 Jade Kupsky P, 1b Motor City Hit Dogs Orange
4 Nevaeh Wing 2b, CF Michigan Outlaws-Wing
5 Aubrey Hensley C, OF Finesse Myers/Jaworski
6 Aalyn Grogg P, LF Michigan Rebels 11u
7 Sophie Collins 3b, CF Michigan Outlaws 11U Wing
8 Elisabeth Wilks P, 2b Kalamazoo Kings 12U Balck
9 Audrey Kranz 3b, SS Grand Blanc Ladycats
10 Ava Auler 1b, 2b Rage 12U Blue
11 Storm Kentros C, 3b Outlaws Wing
Team 11B Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Rob Moughton
Coach Steve Fox
1  Paige Keown P, 1b Batbusters 11U
2 Delaney Monroe 3b, 1b Next Level Performance
3  Karlie Messenger C, RF Finesse Myers/Jaworski
4 Jordyn Cavanaugh P, SS MI Rebels
5 Katelyn Stallings 3b, P Outlaws Hurley
6 Emma Hoover P, 1b Grand Blanc Ladycats
7 Randi Taylor C, P Lakeshore Pirates Red
8 Grace Porter SS, 3b Batbusters 11U
9 Lauren Fox SS, P Outlaws 11U Wing
10 Audrie Dugan P, 1b Next Level Performance
11 Nyah Mullins 3b, 1b
Team 11C Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Noe Najera
Coach Darrell DeWitt
1 Hannah Tassin P, SS Stealers
2 Julia Sandles C, CF Motor City Hit Dogs Orange
3 Kiersten Schroeder LF, 2b Next Level Performance
4 Natalia Najera 3b, C Lakeshore Pirates Red
5 Abigail Kennelly 2b, SS Finesse Myers/Jaworski
6  Nathalie Hagle C, 1b Michigan Outlaws Wing
7 Layni Heuring 1b, P Next Level Performance
8 Kaiya Caswell 3b, P Klash 06
9 Haidyn Regan 3b, SS MI Rebels 06
10  Savannah Schultz P, 3b Grand Blanc Ladycats
11 Katelyn DeWitt 1b, 3b Grand Blanc Lady Cats
Team 11D Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Shawn Maloney
Coach Gretchen Loza
1 Ava Sherwood C, 3b Caledonia Chaos
2 Gracie Maloney P, 3b Michigan Batbusters 12U
3 Ava O’Connell 3b, 1b Outlaws 11U Wing
4 Jaclyn Garvey 2b, OF Grand Blanc Lady Cats
5 Heidi Williams C, 1b Klash 06
6 Ava Coffinger 2b, CF Michigan Rebels 11U
7 Hannah Wayne SS, C Michigan Outlaws 11U Hurley
8 Ava Littin P, 1b Finesse- Myers/Jaworski
9 Grace Blanchard C, P Next Level Performance
10 Macy Searles P, SS Klash 06
11 Hailee Kara P, 2b Lakeshore Pirates Red
2018 12U All-State Teams/Players
Team 12A Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Jacqui Ratfliff
Coach Jennifer Hammad
1 Zoey Quinn SS, P Klash
2 Brooklyn Compau P, 1b Mid-Michigan Bolts
3 Lindsay Chatt OF, 3b MI Legacy Thorington
4 Ava Ormsby C, 2b Gold Fastpitch 05
5 Ella Stephenson CF, RF Batbusters Maloney
6 Paige Ratliff C, SS NTF Nova
7 Carsyn Roehrig 1b, 2b Diamonds
8 Payton Dueweke SS, Utility Mid Michigan Bolts Blue
9 Jenna Jenkins 1b, 3b Diamonds Marlewitz
10 Maddison Balon P, 1b Sabercats Bilek 12u
11 Ava Mullen P, 3b St. Joeseph Xtreme
Team 12B Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Joey Thorington
Coach Andy Sylvester
1 Jade Schiller 2b, OF Freedom Fastpitch
2 Avery Hallo 3b, SS Diamonds Lorenzo
3 Madison Jamrog P, SS Lakeshore Storm Jamrog
4 Mya Brickley CF, 1b Klash 12U 2005
5  Cecelia Thorington OF, 1b Michigan Legacy Thorington
6 Lexi Ashbay OF, C MI Elite
7 Camille Oyer P, 1b Gold Fastpitch 05
8  Natalie Cusmano C, LF Northville Broncos
9 Alexis McCarty SS, 3b St. Joeseph Xtreme
10 Isabell Jones P, 2b Michigan Bolts Blue
11 Lily Thompson P, 2b Freedom Fastpitch
Team 12C Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Jr Schnick
Coach Linda Schnick
1 Mariah Stines P, SS Ann Arbor Gold – Knox
2 Paige Maiorana 2b, LF Batbusters Maloney
3 Lia Lammers SS, CF Northville Broncos
4 Emerson Cinglie P, 1b Trenton Blast 12U Tanguay
5 Macy Chamberlin C, 3b Finesse 12U – Henegar
6 Hailey Lammers 3b, OF Northville Broncos
7 Kenadee Schnick 2b, SS MI Elite
8  Kenedy Coombe SS, CF Finesse 12U Moore
9 Brooke Hart P, CF Diamonds Marlewitz
10 Allie Trantham C, 3b MI Rebels
11 Abby Fichtner SS, P Caledonia Chaos
Team 12D Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Ted Crews
Coach Rob Kline
1  Taylor French P, 1b Batbusters Maloney
2 Helayna Sanchez CF, SS NTF Nova
3 Sydney Scoggins C, 2b Finesse
4 Maddie Wieneke 1b, 3b Trenton Blast 12U Tanguay
5 Kyleigh Bilek P, 1b Michigan Sabercats- Bilek 12U
6 Alaina Brown P, 2b Turning2 Johnson
7 Josie Cornell C, 1b MI Elite
8 Ashlee Goodman 2b, OF Diamonds Marlewitz
9 Danica Crews CF, 3b Gold Fastpitch Townsend 05
10 Amara Kline SS, 2b NTF Nova
11 Caitlin Tighe C, CF Thunderburg
Team 12E Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Ted Bloomfield
Coach Fred Brickley
1 Ryann Simmonds P, 2b Outlaws 12U
2 Hailey Mellec 1b, P Finesse
3  Delani Paulsell C, 3b Batbusters Maloney
4 Emilee Underwood P. 1b Gold Fastpitch – Townsend
5 Caitlin Dortch C, 2b Turnin2 12U Johnson
6 Aleah Tanguay SS, 3b Trenton Blast 12U Tanguay
7 Lexie Adam C, 3b Diamonds Lazono
8 Mckenna Dunlap 1b, RF Finesse 12U Henegar
9 Grace Koenig SS, 3b Batbusters Maloney
10 Ashlyn Bloomfield CF, 2B Klash 12U 2005
11 Kaylee Misialek P, SS Michigan Panthers
Team 12F Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Alfonso Chavez
Coach Troy Marlewitz
1 Natalie Petty RF, 2b Gold Fastpitch Townsend 05
2 Regan Murray P, 1b Finesse
3 Mia Maldonado C, 3b Trenton Blast 12U Tanguay
4 Victoria Parisho P, 3b Turnin2
5 Brianna Manning P, 1b Michigan Rage 12U Roberts
6 Lola Bagby P, 1b Outlaws – Fadie
7 Lily Federau OF, C MI Elite
8  Michayla Chciuk C, OF Michigan Sabercats Bilek 12u
9 Lindsay Marlewitz 3b, SS Diamonds 12U Marlewitz
10 Paige Thomas 1b, C Klash 05
11 Sydni Wolverton SS, 2b Inter-Lakes Pride 12U Kramer
2018 13U/14U All-State Teams/Players/Coaches
Team 34A Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach John Meyers
Coach Eddie Bobbio
1 Jordan Langdon C, 2b KRASH 14U-Scott
2 Alyssa Bloomfield CF, SS NTF/Nova
3 Emily Wiltsie P, 1b Intruders
4 Taylor Piper SS, 2b Krash 13U
5 Stephanie Glaspie CF, RF Rochester Yellowjackets
6 Payton Grange C, 2b Outlaws -Sherrill
7 Abby Lockwood CF, 3b Krash 13U
8 Allison Fraley SS, LF Freedom 13u
9  Kylie Albert P, 3b Caledonia Chaos
10 Eden Sanchez SS, 3b NTF Nova Meyers
11 Addison Bobbio P, 1b MIRebels
Team  34B Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Steve Toth
Coach Hannah Schneider
1 Faith Maloney 2b, OF Batbusters 13U Yoskovich
2 Ava Whitlock C, 2b Michigan Rebels 2004
3 Haley Henion CF, SS KRASH 14U-Scott
4 Kayla Hamilton 1b, 3b Intruders Fastpitch
5  Stefanie Stephens 3b, utility Rochester Yellowjackets
6  Megan Nuechterlein P, 1b MI Batbusters 13U Yoskovich
7 Madison Ingle 3b, LF Michigan Rebels 13U
8 Paige Cunningham P, 2b Intruders Fastpitch
9 Jordan Smith C, UTIL Michigan Legacy 04 Novick
10 Summer Ambler P, CF Outlaws -Sherrill
11 Allie Novick SS, 3b Michigan Legacy 04 Novick
Team 34C Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach Kevin Hassenzahl
Coach Corey Cataline
1 Sara Owen 2b, OF Intruders Fastpitch
2 Brittani Mutter P, 1b Michigan Outlaws 13U Sherrill
3 Jadyn Joseph C,mid inf Krash 13U
4 Kelsey Depault SS, OF Chaos
5 Jailyn Gonzales 3b, 1b KRASH 14U-Scott
6  Kailey Cataline LF, P Krash 13U
7 Anna Griffioen SS, 3b Michigan Rebels 2004
8 Torie Barga P, 2b NTF Nova
9 Faith Cramton 1b, CF MI Legacy 04 Select Novick
10 Marisa Mazoway 1b, 3b Hurricanes
11 Ali Janke 3b, C NTF Nova Meyers
Team 34D Player Name Pos. 2018 Team
Coach RJ Meyer
Coach Rich Bradford
1 Maddie McKenzie OF, 3b MI Batbusters 13u Yoskovich
2 Paige Schoewe 2b, CF Crush Fastpitch
3 Mikayla Timm P, 1b Krash
4 Sophia Tafoya SS, P Rebels 13U
5 Zoey Monica 2b, OF MI Legacy 04 Select Novick
6 Elyse Brittain P, 1b KRASH 14U-Scott
7 Brenna Myer SS, P NTF Nova Meyers
8 Landrie Fridsma 2b, 1b Caledonia Chaos
9 Taryn Fuller SS, CF Outlaws -Sherrill
10 Sydney Pease P, SS Michigan Legacy 04 Novick
11 Hannah Sweers C, OF NTF Nova Meyers
12 Aubrey Aukerman C, CF 13U MI Rebels