Rules & Regulations

This page outlines specific rule information for the USSSA Fastpitch Program in Michigan. It includes information on the USSSA National Rulebook, registration year, age eligibility, equipment and insurance.

Rule Book

You will find the complete rules and regulations in the USSSA Rule Book.

Michigan Local Tournament Rules

Local rules and regulations utilized for Michigan USSSA Fastpitch Event can be found at the link below.  These rules do not apply to national events.

The Registration "Year"

The softball "year" for USSSA runs from August 1 to July 31. All tournaments scheduled after August 1 are considered the following year events and in order to participate in them, a team must be registered for the following year. In short, all the teams that were created and all rosters that were submitted for the current season expired on July 31.

Under the USSSA system, a manager establishes a one-time account, and then creates teams under that account from year to year. On or shortly after July 1 managers should create their following year team, particularly if they plan on playing any USSSA tournaments between August and December. Otherwise, they can certainly wait until the following year to create their team.

When a manager creates a following year team, he/she will then need to enter their roster online just as they did for the current team. One thing that makes entering your roster easier the second time around is that any player that previously played on a team that the manager has under their account will already be in the system. If the manager wants to retain that player for the following season (or at least the fall of the current season) then all he/she has to do is highlight the player under the "Add Former Player" section and hit the submit button.

Roster Requirements & Age Eligibility

The age cut off is still based on the calendar year, however the age eligibility for team’s changes beginning August 1.

It's a bit easier to think of it this way: What is the age of the player as of December 31 current year (or 2017)? That is her roster age for the following season (or 2018) which will begin August 1 each year.

You may also use the USSSA Age Calculator to simplify this.

All Rosters MUST be Guardian Approved to be considered a legal roster.  Visit our How-To Guardian Approval for additional help.

Insurance Requirements

Proof of current USSSA insurance will be online with team information. No need to turn in a copy of USSSA insurance at local tournament check-in. Your team insurance need not be issued through USSSA, but must provide at least $1 million in liability coverage. If your team has insurance other than USSSA you must turn in a copy of the certificate at the check-in at local events. Every year there are teams who think that they're adequately covered when in fact they either have no liability insurance at all (only accident coverage) or have very low liability limits. Organizations with 6 or more teams purchasing insurance are eligible to purchase league insurance at a 30% savings. Email [email protected] for more information on league insurance.

Equipment Regulations

The button below will take you to the current USSSA national equipment regulations for balls, bats and other equipment.

USSSA Point System

Access the USSSA Fastpitch point system to understand the ranking process.