Team / Manager Information

To create Manager’s ID and Register Team go directly to

Step 1. Creating a Manager's ID

The first thing a manager must do is to create a Manager’s ID. After you've done this once, you'll never have to do it again, regardless of how many teams you register over the years or even if you register teams in different sports. If you've created a Manager’s ID in the past and remember what it is, then skip this section. If you've created one, but can't remember the ID and password, click on "Recover ID & Password" under "Teams & Participants" section on the top menu bar. To create an ID, go to "Create and Register a Team." This will prompt you to create your free Manager’s ID.

Step 2. Registering a Team After Creating a Manager's ID

  1. Go to "Log In / Log Out" (far right link on the top menu bar).
  2. Make sure the drop-down box on the top left side indicates "Fast Pitch", as it sometimes defaults to "Slow Pitch". If it keeps defaulting to Slow Pitch, then open up a new Internet session and go directly to the national website ( In other words, do not link from to get to the national site.
  3. Go to "Register / Create Fast Pitch Team"
  4. A couple of reminders for "Team Name":
    • Use standard case, neither all upper nor all lower (eg, type as Hometown Heroes). Please check to make sure that you've spelled your team name correctly before you submit it. The system does not allow a manager to change the spelling of a team once it's been submitted.
    • There can only be one name per team. So, if you're part of an organization that has teams with the same name in several age brackets, distinguish your team as Hometown Heroes 12U.
    • If your organization has more than one team in an age bracket, then enter the name as Hometown Heroes 16U xxxxx, where xxxxx is some distinguishing word like a color or the manager's name.
    • Remember softball says 14U, soccer says U14.
    • Do not list your age bracket first. In other words, submit Hometown Heroes 14U, NOT 14U Hometown Heroes.
    • Team city and state is where the team in principally domiciled, which in most cases is the address of the manager. However, if the manager lives in a different state than where the team should be registered, a city and state should be used that is more indicative of where the team is from.
  5. Choose what class that you think best represents your team's status. Keep in mind that as the season progresses USSSA reserves the right to change any team's classification. There are no hard and fast rules that define what each class represents, but here are some guidelines:
    • If your team can hold their own with - and occasionally beat - the better teams in your state, then you should consider yourself an "A" team.
    • If you're a newly formed team that plans on playing in a number of competitive tournaments or an existing team that consistently finishes in the middle or at the bottom of the pack in most tournaments, then you're more of a "B" team.

Step 3. Paying for Your Team Registration

The next step is to pay for your team registration. In addition to your teams USSSA registration you may include registration as USA Elite Select, teams can participate in USA Elite Select events in your home state or across the country. Once you complete the online payment, the system will automatically assign and email you your registration number instantly. At that point you're all set to purchase insurance, enter tournaments, enter your players onto your online roster, etc.